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Who is Bridget?

Hi, I’m Bridget, and I’m practically obsessed with simplifying, decluttering, and organizing.  I am a recovering perfectionist who may have a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder.  (Interestingly, whether I do depends on which medical provider you talk to.)  I have spent my grown-up life organizing three law offices, several classrooms, a church–and my own household.

After some setbacks in our family left my brilliant-but-disorganized husband in control of our home management for a few years, I set about to create a system to organize my home again and make it free of all clutter, whether paper, financial, digital, or tangible.  On this blog, I will set forth some organizing and simplifying challenges, offer some organizational tips, showcase some organization products I love, and offer a few printables and other resources to help you in your journey to total home and life organization.  I hope my challenges, ideas, and resources will help you as you work to become clutter-LESS or clutter free so that you can spend increased time doing what you love, whether that is spending time with your kids or grandkids, traveling, or gardening (like me!)!

At any rate, hello and welcome!  It’s so nice to meet you!  And now I’d like to hear from you.

Let’s talk about it!

Please let me hear from you in the comments below.  What is your motivation for simplifying, decluttering, and organizing?  If you had more spare time, what hobby or pastime would you like more time for?  And what could you get done if you had less clutter in your life?

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Hi, I am Bridget from Simplify - Declutter - Organize, where I strive to help you make your life simple again!

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