Affiliate Disclosure

I believe in full disclosure–and the FTC requires it anyway.  🙂

I have affiliate links on this site and on my Facebook page.  When you click on these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission to help cover this blog’s expenses.  But you won’t pay a penny more. My goal is to disclose all affiliate links up front, whether they are on my blog or on my Facebook page.  I include affiliate links to only items I have tried and recommend on this blog.

Your support is greatly appreciated and a real blessing to me.

I don’t post links to items I haven’t tried or don’t recommend on this blog.  On occasion, I do post items on my Facebook page that I haven’t tried.  You’ll be able to tell from my post whether I have actually used the item or not.  Affiliate links on my Facebook page either include a note letting you know they are affiliate links or, at minimum, the hashtag #affiliate.


One more thing:  I can track what items are purchased through affiliate links, but I cannot track who bought them or to whom they are shipped, nor can I track IP addresses for purchases made through affiliate links.


If you have any questions about my affiliate links, please contact me.


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