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Bonus Freebie: Charitable Donation Log {Fillable, Editable, Savable, Printable}

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2017)

Disclaimer:  I am not a financial adviser.  I am not a certified public accountant.  I am not an estate planning attorney.  If you need financial or tax advice, seek an appropriate professional.  

I donate a lot of items to local charities.  When my husband and I moved to our current home, we were thrilled to discover that several different charitable organizations mail envelopes in advance and then pick up items from our front yard on the specified day.  See?

And today was the day, as you can see!

I keep track of what I donate for tax purposes.  Because both my parents and my husband’s parents had unfortunate dealings with the Internal Revenue Service in the 1980’s, my husband and I are careful to ensure that we dot our i’s and cross our t’s with regard to taxes.  So I have a donation log that I complete each time that I send items to charity.  And today I’m sharing this free printable with you, friend!  You just have to be a subscriber in order to download it.  Click here to subscribe.  (I promise not to spam you, e-mail you too often, or sell your information.)

You can print the file and write in the information if you want to, but this form is fillable, editable, savable, and printable, so you can easily complete it on your computer and print it if you need a hard copy.  In fact, as you enter the estimated value of each item, your total donation total updates at the bottom of the page.  You don’t need a calculator!

This file is a PDF (a portable document file that you open with Adobe Reader or a similar program) and can be saved to your computer or hard drive and then printed and updated later.

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to subscribe to the newsletter, here to access the subscriber vault of freebies, and here to download the file when you have the password.  If you are already a subscriber, check your last e-mail newsletter for the password.

One last thing:  By downloading this file, you agree to use it for personal use only.  You agree not to copy it, revise it, or sell it for profit.  If you want to share it with a friend, I ask that you send him or her this blog post rather than forwarding the file.

Save time, save money, save your sanity!  If you itemize deductions, you can use this form to easily keep track of what you donate and the value of the donation, ensuring that you’re getting every penny you should of that tax deduction.  As long as you complete this log as you donate items and file it away in a safe spot (more on that later!), you won’t have to worry about trying to determine what you donated and what it was worth next April.  (Admit it; you’ve probably done this or just “guesstimated.”)

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