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Hi, I am Bridget from Simplify - Declutter - Organize, where I strive to help you make your life simple again!

About Bridget

Who is Bridget? Hi, I’m Bridget, and I’m practically obsessed with simplifying, decluttering, and organizing.  I am a recovering perfectionist who may have a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder.  (Interestingly, whether I do depends on which medical provider you talk to.)  I have spent my grown-up life organizing three law offices, several classrooms, a church–and my own household. After some setbacks in our…

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I love feedback, input, suggestions, and even constructive criticism! E-mail:  bridget @  Take out the spaces around the at sign! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Phone:  (757) 932-0569.  I really don’t love talking on the phone, but if you leave a message, I’ll be in touch. Text:  (757) 932-0569.  Yes, I have unlimited text messaging. Snail…

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Affiliate Disclosure

I believe in full disclosure–and the FTC requires it anyway.  🙂 I have affiliate links on this site and on my Facebook page.  When you click on these links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission to help cover this blog’s expenses.  But you won’t pay a penny more. My goal is to disclose all affiliate links up…

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About This Organizing Blog

About the Simplify, Declutter, Organize Blog

I’m excited to be launching a new blog, one about simplifying, decluttering, and organizing your life–making life simple again. So who am I? I’m Bridget!  I’m a recovering Sheldon Cooper-esque perfectionist and DIY (amateur) organizer.  I have organized several law offices, a church, and more than a few classrooms during my work life.  

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