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Daily Challenge: Get Rid of Your Least Favorite Magazine.

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

When you don’t have the time or want-to to deal with them, magazines can pile up in a hurry. If you have a stack of unread magazines piled up, sorting through them or at least making the decision to discard them can be freeing and motivating and save you some space–and possibly even time and money should you make the decision to cancel the subscriptions.

The Goal

If you have issues of one magazine piling up, you probably have issues of multiple magazines piling up, right? To avoid overwhelm, the initial goal is to pick the magazine you like the least and decide what to do with it, whether you intend to donate the issues and cancel the subscription or actually go through the back issues for content and ideas and retain the subscription. (You can go through the other magazines another day and make the same decisions with regard to those issues.)

What I Did

As of yesterday, I have four sets of magazines I need to peruse and discard. I am just one issue behind on one particular magazine–Country Woman, my favorite, which just came in this week–and just a few issues behind on Taste of Home and Food Network Magazine, both magazines I enjoy. But I was almost a year behind on Family Fun; I apparently haven’t deemed its content gripping enough to read since back-to-school season last year. I decided to start clearing my magazines by focusing on this particular title.

I could have just donated the magazines or passed them along without reading them. But since I homeschool my daughter, I wanted to catalog a few of the ideas in the magazine before donating them. I ultimately sat down for 60-90 minutes after my daughter had gone to bed and read all the issues in my possession, cataloging the ideas by taking pictures of spreads with my iPhone camera.

And then I donated them. They are no longer attracting dust and cluttering my house. Instead, (I hope) someone else will enjoy them.

One more thing: If I had a magazine I truly did not want to read, I would cancel my subscription at this point and save myself some time. Family Fun was a gift subscription from an undisclosed loved one, so I can’t cancel my subscription regardless. Also, I do get some great homeschooling and parenting ideas from it. I just needed to catch up and reclaim some space in my living room!

Your Turn!

  1. First, take inventory of the magazines you have piled up.
  2. Second, decide which magazine you least relish looking through.
  3. Third, determine whether you want to read the back issues of the magazine you have chosen or whether you would be content to donate them without reading them. If you would prefer to donate them without reading them, do so. Otherwise, set aside some time to read the magazines. Then donate the magazines after you read them. You can donate the magazines to a nursing home or even just pass them along to a neighbor who might be interested. Worst case scenario, recycle them rather than simply discarding them.
  4. Finally, cancel your subscription if you get no noticeable benefit from the magazine subscription.

How Did You Do?

Do you have magazines piled up? If so, which magazine did you decide to go through today? Did you read them before donating them, or did you just donate them? Post a comment, and let me know how you did!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Challenge: Get Rid of Your Least Favorite Magazine.

  1. Well, you certainly caught me at my worst with this one. I have a lot of “free” subscriptions that I get through airline miles or special offers, etc. and they just pile up (literally) without being read. It really is sad. Someone else would probably really appreciate them. So, I’m going to go through them tonight and offer them up on our Freecycle list. I’m sure someone will enjoy them to their fullest! Thanks for the nudge.

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