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Simplifying/Organizing Tip: Do What Works for You!

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2017)

Your home should be your refuge, your place of solitude.  So in the coming weeks and months, as I post ideas and tips to help you simplify, declutter, and organize your home and your life, please keep in mind that you have to do what works for you.

“Do what works for you” doesn’t mean that you skip decluttering your closet because you don’t want to part with your prom dress from 20 years ago or because you truly believe you can’t part with a single pair of your 125 pairs of shoes.

It means that if I suggest making a paper shopping list and you find using an app on your iPhone more efficient, you use the app on your iPhone.  It means that if I recommend Quicken as financial management software but you prefer to write all of your expenses in a notebook, you write your expenses in a notebook.

Let’s be honest:  I’ll suggest a few ideas that you will think are silly.  For example, more than one or two of you will think the idea of a home management binder is a waste of time.  And to be honest, I’ve largely migrated away from using a home management binder in favor of having Siri calendar all my appointments and reminders on my iPhone.  We’re all different, and we all run our households differently.  Frankly, some things that have worked for me won’t work for you, and some tactics that work for you wouldn’t work for me either.  Find what works for you.  And when you find a method or an item that works for you, please–I beg of you–share it!  I want this community to be one that helps everyone, and I promise your positive input of what has worked for you and what hasn’t is beneficial to us all.

I do have one question before you go:  What single area of your home or life could you declutter that would make the most impact on your life?  Please take a minute and let me know in the comments!

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