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Making Life Easier: AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2017)

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I live on the coast.  A week before Hurricane Irma arrived, my husband and I grew uneasy, worried that she was going to hit our area.  We took a number of steps to prepare for her, not just to protect our property, but also to aid in the possible clean-up afterwards.

One thing we opted to do was to shred and discard any paper that didn’t need to be kept.  My husband had a rather large stack of paper from work and college that needed to be discarded, and because of some sensitive information on some of the documents, we opted to shred the entire stack.

Sadly, our five-year-old secondhand industrial shredder died less than halfway through the task.  We hemmed and hawed briefly, talking about buying a cheap shredder to save money.  But we knew we didn’t want to regret the purchase in a few weeks because boxing up and returning a shredder, even with a simple return policy like Amazon’s, isn’t a fun prospect.  So we listed the features we thought were necessary:

  • We did not want a shredder that sits on a trash can.  We wanted a one-piece unit with a pull-out bin or basket.
  • We wanted a large paper bin so that we wouldn’t have to empty it frequently.
  • We wanted a micro-cut shredder rather than a cross-cut shredder.  We want our sensitive information shredded into tiny places that cannot be reassembled by a scammer.

After reading reviews and comparing models, we ultimately decided on the AmazonBasics 12-sheet micro-cut shredder.

I was ecstatic to receive it (just 36 hours later since we currently have Amazon Prime) and discover a few other features I appreciate:

  • The paper is fed sideways to keep little hands and hair and ties and such from getting accidentally taken in.
  • It has wheels that enable it to be moved around.
  • It has a thermometer to notify us when it is getting overheated.
  • It has a bin that can easily be emptied directly into the trash (for credit cards and discs) or a paper bag for recycling (for paper).
  • Its shreds are tiny, leading to less frequent emptying of its bin.

Although this shredder will shred 12 sheets at a time, it works best when given between 6 and 10 sheets of paper.  According to Amazon’s information about the shredder, it has a continuous running time of eight minutes before needing a 40-minute cool-down period, but we haven’t had it overheat yet despite shredding over a 1.5-inch-tall stack of paper at one time.  To save money, I opted not to purchase a more expensive jam-proof shredder like our last one, but so far, we’ve encountered no jams.

I will update this review when I have more experience with the shredder, particularly if our experience sours.

Currently, my husband and I are huge fans of this shredder.  It was a little costly–we paid $99.99 for it–but we also purchased the four-year protection plan for $8.80, ensuring that we do not need to buy another for four years.  Given we shred junk mail almost daily, we shred our receipts once per month, and we shred large stacks of work documents on occasion, this shredder has been perfect for us so far.

Need a New Shredder?

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What Do You Think?

Do you have a shredder?  What kind do you have? What features are important to you?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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