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How to Organize Your DVD’s, Blu-Ray Discs, and Video Games

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2017)

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During the last couple of years, my husband and I have acquired a lot of television shows on DVD and Blu-Ray discs–and my husband, who is a gamer, acquired a few video games as well.  All of these led to a disorganized entertainment cabinet overflowing with DVD, Blu-Ray, and video games in their bulky cases.  I spent an hour or so decluttering and organizing all of these discs this weekend.

I started by buying Blu-Ray/DVD/CD paper sleeves; you can find those at Amazon here.  Then I pulled out two media baskets I’d bought a few years ago at Target; you can find those here.  Next, I removed all of the discs from their respective cases and placed them in the sleeves one by one.  Finally, I put the discs in alphabetical order and then in disc order (season one, disc two, etc.).  I separated the TV’s on disc from the movies; the television shows are on the left; the movies are on the right.

After I finished organizing the discs, I recycled the cases and their inserts.  Please note that I did decide to store our video games in an old Targus DVD holder my husband had before we married; I placed the codes and the manuals in the back of that holder for quick and easy reference.  (If he is deployed again, he can pack the holder rather than individual discs in sleeves.)

As you can see in the last picture, moving the discs from cases into sleeves saved quite a bit of space.  If and when we move again, moving these baskets and the holder will be significantly easier to pack.

My husband asked that I keep Back to the Future and Jurassic Park trilogies and his Bond 50 set in their original cases for now, and we decided that the “Frasier” case may actually hold the 44 discs more compactly than would the sleeves.  I also kept the cases for discs I intend to sell at some point–like the Daniel Tiger and Strawberry Shortcake DVD’s I expect my daughter will eventually tire of.

One more thing:  I used this time as an opportunity to redeem the digital codes for various movies.  I’ll definitely make a point in the future to redeem codes immediately upon purchase in the future because one or two codes had expired.

The Process:  You, too, can organize your discs in a few steps.

  1. Declutter.  Decide whether you have any discs you don’t mind getting rid of.  Is there a movie you haven’t watched in ages and don’t care to watch anymore?  Or maybe you have a video game you no longer have the game console to play.  Consider donating or selling these.
  2. Assess.  Determine how many discs you have.  You don’t need an accurate figure necessarily, but you need an estimate.  Do you have 50 discs?  Or 500?
  3. Plan.  Choose how you will store your discs.  Maybe you choose to purchase a portable disc holder like this one or this one.  (Note:  Keeping discs alphabetized in such a disc holder is more difficult if you are still regularly purchasing movies for your collection.)  Or maybe you already have an over-sized three-ring binder and you want to buy poly sleeves like these? Or maybe you do as I did and buy a media bin or basket and paper sleeves?  You may even decide that you want to keep your cases and store them on a bookshelf if you have the room, but keep in mind that the cases take up quite a bit of space if you have a significant number of discs.   Regardless, do what works for you.
  4. Buy.  Purchase the supplies you need for this project, if any.  (Here’s a friendly reminder that if you go through the links on this page to purchase from, you’ll pay the same price, but I’ll get a small commission to help fund this site.)
  5. Organize.  Remove the discs from their cases and insert them into sleeves if you so choose.  Whether you put the discs in sleeves or keep them in their discs, I recommend putting them in alphabetical order.  Because my husband and I watch television on disc more than we watch our movies, I decided to separate the two and to alphabetize each set separately; you may want to do something similar.
  6. Recycle.  Recycle the cases and inserts if you chose to remove the discs from their original cases.
  7. Redeem.  Redeem any unused digital codes for any movies in your collection.  (If you have any unclaimed Disney Movie Rewards points, claim those as well.)

You’re done!

Save time, save money, save your sanity!  Arranging your movies and games in order can reduce the time you spend searching for a particular movie or game.  Also, getting rid of the DVD cases can save a lot of space.

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Leave me a comment!  How did you organize your DVD’s, Blu-Ray discs, and video games?  Did you use sleeves in a binder, paper sleeves in a bin or basket, or a DVD holder?  Did you simply store your discs on a bookshelf in their cases?  Or did you have another good idea to share?  Leave me a note in the comments!

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