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Simplifying/Organizing Tip: Develop a Mindset Against Clutter

If you’re hoping to simplify, declutter, and organize your home and life, you have to develop a mindset against clutter from the beginning of your simplifying and decluttering journey. And the best way I’ve found to create that mindset is to develop a list of questions to guide your decision to purchase or keep an item. Read more for the questions I’ve established for myself and my household–and a few suggestions of other questions you might want to include in your own list of questions.

About This Organizing Blog

About the Simplify, Declutter, Organize Blog

I’m excited to be launching a new blog, one about simplifying, decluttering, and organizing your life–making life simple again. So who am I? I’m Bridget!  I’m a recovering Sheldon Cooper-esque perfectionist and DIY (amateur) organizer.  I have organized several law offices, a church, and more than a few classrooms during my work life.