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This blog is moving . . .

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2018)

A few months ago, after telling my husband and my best friend the name of this blog for the 156th time, I decided I needed to rebrand.  After all, if my loved ones can’t remember the name and address, how can I expect visitors to?

My new blog name is Ordered and Organized.  Click on that link to get there.  I’m slowly changing the names on my social media accounts as well:

I’ve been blessed to pick up a lot of new subscribers during January.  Whether you sign up for my newsletter via this site or the new blog, you’ll be directed to the same account.  I’m slowly migrating the pages from this blog over to the new one.  My goal is to have them all moved no later than the first of March.

Thanks for your support of this blog.  I’m looking forward to a successful year on the new Ordered and Organized blog, and I hope you’ll join me (us) there!


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