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Weekend Challenge: Sort Through Your Remaining Magazines

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Magazines do pile up sometimes, don’t they?  Getting rid of all of them is definitely a task that can improve your space and your sanity in just a day or two.

After you’ve gotten rid of all the magazines you don’t want, you should determine the ones you glean some great information from and then, if you want to retain it, collect that information in a way that doesn’t cause (dusty) clutter in your home.

Since some of you will inevitably have many, many magazines to sort through (I have loved ones who may actually have thousands of magazines in their homes), I’ve offered this task as a weekend challenge rather than a daily challenge.  🙂

The Goal

The goal is to sort through all the magazines left in your home, collect whatever information you want from them, and donate the magazines to someone who can use them.

What I Did

After I sorted through my least favorite magazine, I decided I needed to sort through the Food Network and Taste of Home magazines accumulating in my magazine holder in the living room. I spent a few hours going through them, taking pictures of the recipes I wanted with my iPhone. Then I delivered the magazines to my neighbor, who will copy the recipes she wants and pass the magazines along to be enjoyed again. The whole process was really quick for me–but of course your mileage may vary if you have a lot of magazines you actually want to read.  A few years ago, I sorted through a hundred magazines at one time, and that process took a while.

Your Turn!

If you’ve followed my daily challenges, you’ve already gotten rid of your least favorite magazine. Your next steps:

  1. First, gather the magazines remaining in your home.
  2. Second, if there are any magazines you feel comfortable passing along without reading, then pass them along.  If you want to read any of your remaining magazines, read them. If you want to keep any of the tips or recipes in them, consider taking pictures of them with your phone. You can always print the pictures or, even better, just move them to your computer for safekeeping or later use.  You could always clip the information, but remember that taking a picture of the information makes it easier to store and retain long-term.
  3. After you have finished perusing your magazines, consider donating them to a nursing home or other facility. My mom, who is the caretaker for her sister, donates hers to my aunt’s dialysis clinic. You could also pass the magazines along to a neighbor–or possibly even to your local thrift store. Or as See Sue Simplify suggested, offer them up on Freecycle.  Make recycling them your last option; please avoid just throwing them away.
  4. Contemplate unsubscribing from any magazines that don’t add a benefit to your life.  If you cancel any subscriptions, make sure you get a pro-rated refund for the issues you paid for but have not received.  Put a note on your calendar to follow up on those refunds if you don’t receive them.

How Did You Do?

Did you finish going through all your magazines? Did you unsubscribe from any?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you did!

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